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The Hotel

Realised when Sant’Angelo was not yet a renowned international tourist destination, the Hotel Casa del Sole still preserves its traditionally simple hospitality into a characteristic environment by the essential style, with soft and romantic colors within a frame of watercoloured handmade majolica by the masters of Ischia.

In the original two-story structure, connected by a staircase, the hotel rooms are furnished in a Mediterranean style and each has a balcony or terrace with sea view. Small apartments with kitchenettes are located on the ground floor. A lovely lounge and a wide terrace, both overlooking the sea, welcomes hotel guests for breakfast.

The rich Buffet with every kind of specialties is characterized by the traditional pastry of Sant’Angelo.

The Terrace
Amazing for its atmosphere! Our terrace is perfect to relax after a day at the beach, indulging in the pleasure of a good cup of coffee or a cocktail in front of a suggestive view.